Coffee Dragee Nuts Dispensers

Rectangular, Cylindrical, Square, dispensers From Stainless And Plexi

We can produce rectangular, cylindric, square, wall mounted coffee bean dispensers, dry food dispensers, grevity dispensers, bulk dispensers, cereal dispensers,vacuum transfer system, in desired dimensions from Stainless and Plexi. And we also produce bar equipments, cold drip, cold brew, chemex, v60, liquid chocolate filling dispensers, churros filling dispensers, jam filling dispensers, honey filling dispensers, handmade glassware and decoration products, vacuum machine, coffee vacuum machine, coffee bean conveyor.


OGGETTI Stainless & Glass & Plexi Coffee Silos
Dragee, coffee beans and all kinds of dry grains in shopping malls, hotels, restaurants and cafes.
It ensures that it is stored and displayed in a decorative and hygienic way.

Coffee Dragee Nuts Dispensers

Rectangular, Cylindrical, Square coffee bean dispensers From Stainless And Plexi

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Coffee Dragee Nuts Dispensers